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We are here to help you if you need any kind of consulting

The hallmark of our business is loyalty, trust and confidence. We see a lot of potential for our and our clients' business growth and are very keen to work hand-in-hand with our business partners to pursue that ambition together.

We take pride in assisting our partners by imparting our knowledge and valuable information to ensure that they grow to their potential. We are always there for them and our number one priority is customer satisfaction. Our client satisfaction is the key to their continued retention over time. Our customers are our best marketing agents.

The demand for convenience amongst consumers has created a huge market for home services over the past few years. The changes in lifestyle over time, the rise in working couples, the increasing pressure on both family and work life has increased the demand of these services which are growing at rapid rate in Australia. Therefore, at ADAA Enterprises we have identified a need for accounting & tax services during the weekend and after hours and in some cases, in-home visits.

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